Multifamily Financing Overview

Property Types Financed

  • Market Rate Apartments
  • Affordable Housing
  • Historic Properties
  • Student Housing
  • Senior Housing/Assisted Living Facilities
  • Independent Living
  • Medical Offices and Hospitals

Typical Loan Structure

Loan Amount:

$1 Million and up

Loan Types:

Non Recourse, Permanent, Construction, Bridge, Mezzanine, Forward Commitments and Equity

Interest Rates:

Fixed at a spread over corresponding U.S. Treasury Bond Rates Floating over LIBOR, Prime and other indexes


From 5 through 30 Years

Minimum Debt Coverage:


Loan to Value Ratio

75% – 80%

Basic Information Needed for a Quote:

  • Current Rent Roll
  • Operating History – 3 to 5 year
  • Year to Date Income & Expenses
  • Brief Description of Property and Borrower
  • Requested Loan Structure

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Multifamily Financing Overview

Multifamily Financing OverviewProperty Types Financed
Typical Loan Structure

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