Jeff Madderra, Chief Financial Officer

Jeff Madderra Bust

With over a decade of experience in the multifamily industry, Jeff Madderra has a wealth of knowledge and expertise to offer. Starting out in property maintenance and management, he quickly rose through the ranks and has held positions at every level, from ownership oversight to his current role as Chief Financial Officer.After graduating from LSU, Jeff entered the industry with HRI Properties in 2013. There he was responsible for implementing the End to Veterans Homelessness Initiative in New Orleans.He eventually joined JMM Investments/Madderra & Cazalot as an Asset Manager in 2016. In that role he was responsible for budget preparation and evaluation, onsite inspection of current and potential assets, and analysis of desired markets for potential assets. In 2021, his duties at the company expanded to include the position of Chief Financial Officer.In addition to his professional career, Jeff serves as an Officer in the U.S. Army Reserves and has a decade of military service, including a combat deployment. As a Civil Affairs Officer, he specializes in engaging and influencing the populace along with providing expertise in civil considerations.